The Macademia Biochar team are meeting in Bangkok in January 2020. Looking forward to productive meetings, workshops and trainings!

The Macadamia Biochar will be presented to collaborators in Makerere University (Uganda) in December 2020. Looking forward to the visit! 
The visit is sponsored by Global Challenges Research Fund-HEFCE (UK).

The Macadamia Biochar project has been introduced to collaborators in workshops organised at Nazarbayev University; Institute of Combustion Problems and Al-Farabi University in Kazakhstan in August 2019.
The trip and workshop was funded by Global Challenges Research Fund-HEFCE (UK).

Visit of the project team to a water filter company producing AOL water filters using carbonised biomass based at the Institute of Combustion problems in Almaty. August 2019. The trip and workshop was funded by Global Challenges Research Fund-HEFCE (UK).

Engagement with local industry with an oral presentation “The challenge of passing from successful prototypes to commercial products: a case study on water purification” by Dr Rosa Busquets at the event organised at Kingston University “Entrepreneurial Finance for Green Innovative SME conference”20th June 2019.

Visit of Dr Laemthong Chuenchom, from Prince Songkla Universty, and Dr Waralee Watcharin, from Assumption University (Thailand) to Dr Busquets’ team at Kingston University to discuss trends in the engineering of biochars. July 2019.

Dr Patrick Melia, from Kingston University, wins the first prize for his oral presentation” “P.M. Melia, R. Busquets, P.S. Hooda, A.B. Cundy, S.P. Sohi. Developing “low-tech” carbon composite materials as recovered fertilizers” at the National Graphene Institute. The award was given by the British Carbon Group:  Early Stage Carbon Researchers Networking Day, Manchester, June 2019