Palm trees


The Academy has partnered with the Office for Higher Education Commission and the Thailand Research Fund to strengthen capacity and develop capabilities within Thai engineering higher education and research institutions to enhance their engineering education, research and innovation output through strengthening industry linkages and leveraging UK expertise. The Programme is based upon the premise that strategic linkages between industry and academia can improve quality and foster innovation and entrepreneurship within engineering, in turn enhancing employability of graduates and boosting economic development through application-inspired research and innovation.

Through this Programme the Academy aims to support case studies of excellence in bilateral collaboration which in themselves will generate significant long term benefit, as well as produce models replicable by others and generate lessons which can help inform bilateral and national-level higher education, research and innovation policy.

Map of Thailand

The project is using nuts under the name “Pong Yaeng Agriculture”. The overall plantation area is about 6,400,000 m2 with more than 10,000 trees located on a high mountain in the northern part of Thailand.